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Educating or studying engineering, urban planning or architecture? Learn how you can lay out a map of a city block or strategy the whole city from ready-made bricks. Making a merchandise for city planning authorities or designing a Web site including maps of a city? Readily available Perfect City Icons will do most of the occupation for you. Perfect City Icons by Perfect Icons take away the problem of designing and drawing icons representing each of the numerous objects of city infrastructure. With just under a hundred of icons in the library, the Perfect City Icons group has icons for pretty much everything that can appear on a city strategy, tourist map or architectural software. The library includes icons for City and Downtown, Urban and Suburban areas, Houses of various heights and made from different materials like concrete or brick, wood, Multi storey and Single-floor dwellings, Commercial and Residential regions, and many more. The library comprises numerous Points of Interest (POI) generally available in tourist maps and with GPS products. POI comprise Resorts, Hospitals, Banks, Churches, Museums and Stadiums, Police Stations and Government buildings, and a lot more types of common tourist destinations, sightseeing objects and service facilities.

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Perfect City Icons are drawn creating a 3D look out on of a city map without using 3D hardware or software. The maps have depth and appear three-dimensional, just like they do in SimCity-like simulations. Plans created using Perfect City Icons appear perfect on all types of http://buyoemsoftware.biz/product/microsoft-office-professional-plus-2016/ screens from PDA to high definition displays, and transfer seamlessly to paper leaflets and posters thanks to the many resolutions accessible. It’s easy to zoom in and zoom out of city maps in small increments with available sizes of 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48 pixels comprised. Your order gets you 98 icons, each coming in three states: normal, disabled, and emphasized. All icons come in 256 colors and 32 -bit True Color. The icons come in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats. Perfect City Icons can be found for full preview online at perfect-icons.com – no download required!