Here’s a Porn Star’s Complete, Exhaustive Guide to Bottoming

Here’s a Porn Star’s Complete, Exhaustive Guide to Bottoming

There a million bottoming tutorials online. I remember reading my first one on BryanBoy’s old blog where he taught people how to use a water bottle for douching. We are not going to suggest that – and if you must in a hurry, there’s a nozzle just for you – but people need options. On this very site we’ve published “17 Tips for Happy, Healthier Bottoming,” and in a feature about poop during anal sex, had porn performer Ty Mitchell give the quick and dirty of his douching routine. Now comes DamagedBttm.

Based in Chicago, DamagedBttm rose to prominence on Twitter for sharing content promoting his X-rated fan site pages and regaling the world with his bottoming adventures. Over time, quite a few followers started submitting questions about the process of bottoming, aspiring to possibly live those sagas themselves. The result was a Twitter thread that – in collaboration with the performer – we’ve brought here for ease of use.

The Disclaimer

As with everything, sex and bodies are personal; what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else. Damaged notes this in his thread.

“Every body is different, and a lot of time what works for one person won’t work for another,” he wrote. “So if what I do doesn’t work for you that’s okay. We’re all built differently.”

What should I eat if I want to bottom?

“My diet is extremely inconsistent,” Bttm wrote of his own regimen. “I avoid dairy (unless I have lactaid), rarely eat anything spicier than green pepper hot sauce and don’t really eat red meat. On top of that I take fiber pills.”

The performer noted he takes general store brand pills and follows the instructions on the bottle. “It will dramatically reduce your time spent douching,” he explains. If you have an aversion to pills, try some fiber-rich foods.

Do not feel as if you should have to not eat unless you want to be clean for hours. In this case, not eating for eight hours before could be beneficial. Continue reading “Here’s a Porn Star’s Complete, Exhaustive Guide to Bottoming”