74 thoughts on “ Common Sense and ignorance ”

74 thoughts on “ Common Sense and ignorance ”

First common sense .. beware of your chat surroundings people .. who hasn’t been on much ? or hasn’t been on at all ? the maniac duo .. mmm now who is new ? who is causing problems ?

Facts if some 18 yr old is on she is a scammer .. talking of snapchat and making money letting old men see her . and foot fetishes .. yea ok .. she says phrases of a yr old would know .. lets see she doesn’t like naughty

Like this:

Regarding fake names and catfishing unsuspecting folks. Cherry has a few, used a couple to test Canu’s loyalty. He ces she uses, two are men, and one is a similar catfish name of an established catfisher, who has attacked you, Penny, Cherry, Rock and herself to establish credibility. Kitty needs serious help. AOL Gold warns people about her by her fake names. ShyDiana has been scamming men and women as a younger female and doxxing on Wire FB, and AOL Gold for years. She has serious personal issues, a half dozen fake names and has argued with herself in the room under a her disguise names to make it seem that she is not the catfisher. Her lack of height (4? 6? in reality, not 5? at all) and it really bothers her, a huge source of her insecurity. Thosny has posed as a female and gotten men (Bees, for one) to send him nude and semi-nude pics. Willow has a dozen fake names, mostly men. Bitchipoop has a couple too, we followed her into Young Women For Older Men and the constant use of ‘feck’ gave her away in five minutes.

AOL Gal… you sniffing glue over there? Continue reading “74 thoughts on “ Common Sense and ignorance ””