Key Steps to Build a Great Remote Onboarding Process

But you can refer to our eight best practices to create a successful remote onboarding experience with ease. Getting off to a poor start breaks a new employee’s confidence and leads the organization to question the wisdom of the hire. What separates firms that do onboarding best — whether in-person or virtual — is that the work is intentional, and it does not end after the first week, the first 30 days, or even the first 100 days.

In fact, according to a 2018 report by Urban Bound, Companies who commit to an extended onboarding experience accelerate new hire proficiency by 34%. With the right onboarding program, your new hires can tackle their responsibilities sooner than doing them independently with minimal guidance. While this may seem like a no-brainer, remote access issues can be nerve-wracking for any employee on their first day. Virtual onboarding may come with challenges such as loss of social connection and internal communication breakdown. You might already have scheduled an orientation on filling out timesheets and documenting work. But you may also need to schedule orientations suited to the new hire’s department or project team so the employee is well introduced to their job functions.

Establish Regular Feedback Loops

It refers to a series of processes over an extended period and is usually tailored to a new employee’s specific role. After remote hiring, you’d ideally want your new team to be up and running as quickly as possible. One of the most efficient ways of doing that is by ensuring your new hires go through an effective onboarding program. In addition to identifying the shortcomings of your onboarding program, seeking feedback can let your new hires know that you’re paying attention. But engaging new hires doesn’t end with checklists.It’s also crucial to send new employees reminders to finish their onboarding tasks.

  • Without access to on-site IT support, technical issues can be more difficult to diagnose and resolve.
  • Hence, they must always have access to important documents and information about the organization.
  • In a remote environment, culture is more deliberately curated, which means you can set the stage for a positive experience from the start.
  • When onboarding remote employees, the main difference is that you may have to create a more detailed list of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there, so nothing gets missed.
  • Having a firm training plan ready to go can help new hires stay on task and ensure you’re not missing any important steps while onboarding.

Ensure that new hires understand and embrace the values, norms, and beliefs that drive your organization. Facilitate virtual team-building activities and create opportunities for social interactions. Encourage existing employees to mentor and support new hires, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging. In a remote onboarding process, interactive learning may be a challenge, but it’s far from impossible.

Get ready for remote employee onboarding

Addressing any challenges that come up can quickly become time-consuming for both employees and the organization. However, good organization and strategic use of technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA) and autofill forms, can trim down the time needed to complete the steps. The only real difference when onboarding contractors is the administrative paperwork. Onboarding refers to the overarching experience of a new employee joining a company.

  • You should hold check-ins between new hires and their individual teams, managers, and HR.
  • The first few days can be intimidating, so having someone to help them through can be a lot of weight off their shoulders.
  • And while some of us might be headed back to the office eventually, many more organizations are realizing just how effective working remotely can be.
  • Follow these remote onboarding best practices and you’ll soon have a positive, hard-working and satisfied remote employee.
  • Onboarding employees remotely requires different strategies and tools compared to traditional onboarding.

You should always provide new hires with their own copies of all materials and resources. However, you can also put them in a shared folder or in a designated Slack channel where they can download them whenever they need it. When you have all your hobbies, entertainment, and sometimes even your family at home with you, staying on task can be a challenge. For new hires who might not know what they should be doing, it’s even easier.

What is remote employee onboarding?

Remote working benefits both employees and their employers, but it can also pose its own challenges. For example, employees may feel disconnected from their colleagues or manager. This breakdown in communication can have a knock on effect on productivity. That way, whether ten or one hundred people are starting at the beginning of the month, you have everything firing, everyone in the loop, and all of your new employees feel welcome even when working remotely. As your organisation grows and potentially embraces hybrid working practices, you may need to dramatically scale your remote onboarding. New employees want to make a great first impression, but they also want to establish a connection — both with their new coworkers and with the organisation, more generally.

remote onboarding tips

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