Ongoing Cost of Changes – Led Routine – Page No. 126

Ongoing Cost of Changes – Led Routine – Page No. 126

Equipment Costs – Webpage No. 122

Question 13. Analyze Relationships Eli takes a typing test and types all 300 words in \(\frac<1><10>\) hour. He takes the test a second time and types the words in \(\frac<1><12>\) hour. Was he faster or slower on the second attempt? Explain. ____________

Answer: We must find the product rates for each and every date he grabbed the exam. initially big date: 3 hundred ? 1/ten = 300 ? ten = 3000 second day: 3 hundred ? 1/a dozen = three hundred ? several = 3600 The next the years have a more quickly unit rates once the 3600 > 3000.

Answer: Discover the device rates for each and every club by isolating the expenses by the the number of bars. the 12 prepare has the ideal price per club. 10-pack: ? 10 = step 1.537 ? 1.54 several-pack: ? twelve ? step 1.31

Answer: Very first, discover total number out-of oz by the multiplying how many pubs minutes what amount of oz for each and every bar. next discover equipment pricing each ounce of the isolating the expenses from the total number of oz brand new ten-pack has the most readily useful speed for every oz. 10-pack: ten ? 2.step 1 = 21 oz several-pack: a dozen ? step 1.cuatro = sixteen.8 oz ten-pack: ? 21 ? 0.73 12-pack: ? 16.8 ? 0.91

The relationship ranging from x and y was y = 5x

Answer: The fresh new ten-package try a much better deal since speed for each oz is actually a far greater level to make use of than just rates for every club. What number of pubs will not let you know the method that you happen to be to order due to the fact bars can be hugely quick definition the number away from oz you’re actually purchasing are brief. Continue reading “Ongoing Cost of Changes – Led Routine – Page No. 126”