Established on the 30th of November 1943, the Engineering Institute of Thailand under His Majesty the King’s Patronage or EIT has aimed at associating and unifying all Thai engineers with its first Board of Directors Chaired by major General Munee Mahasantana Vejayantrarangsrithi. On the 13th of October 1950, EIT was royally embraced by His Majesty the King’s patronage.
With its current members of over 40,000 engineers and corporations, EIT operates under the management and policy of the elected Board of Directors. According to their expertise, over 400 members in different fields volunteer to function as academic committees, subcommittees, and more than 60 other committees. Our members work together to develop the engineering practices that keep pace with the world’s advancing technology, to promote and improve the engineering profession, as well as to lay policy and solve national problems in engineering.

EIT is an engineering profession and educational society that aims to :
– Foster the unity among members.
– Support engineering education and research.
– Collaborate with other engineering institutions, both locally and internationally.
– Support the engineering profession and technological developments.
– Develop standard engineering practices, design codes, and reference of the benefits of the terms.
– Provide consultation and guidance for major engineering projects for the benefits of the public.
– Develop code of ethics for engineering practices.

EIT has continuously establishing Thai engineering standards to improve public safety and sustainability, while aligning with international standards.
Currently, EIT has technical committees in 9 major fields, namely
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Automotive Engineering
• Computer Engineering

EIT is the main source of engineering publications in Thailand. We produce textbooks, code of engineering practices, design and/or inspection manuals, conference proceeding, references of technical terms, academic journals, newsletters, as well as engineering magazines.

EIT initiated a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with the goal of supporting and promoting the knowledge and expertise for all engineering, enhancing the competitiveness of Thai engineers in the global society. EIT has been continuously organizing more than 200  a hundred academic conferences, professional trainings, seminars, panel discussions, and educational tours.

Engineering Development Institute

Engineering Development Institute which is manages training- seminars and studies on academic work related to engineering in 9 fields, as follows

Institute of Professional trainings, seminars and educational tours for engineers, civil engineering chemical engineering computer engineering, electrical Engineering, environmental engineering industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mining metallurgy and petroleum engineering. Includes courses in the field of professional practices such as project management, engineering law etc.

BIM Institute of Thailand (BIM IoT By EIT)

– Research and development of digital technology in related design construction in engineering and related field.
– Training BIM process and high level of engineering program.

EIT provides inspection and consultation to many of the engineering problems for both public and private projects. Our specialized members have involved in many of the structural failure investigations in the past to offer expert opinions and advices. In addition, our members are actively working in task groups and committees of many governmental projects to provide their unbiased and professional recommendations for the benefits of the public.
EIT offers recommendations and prevention measures to mitigate the natural disasters of flooding, earthquake, landslide etc. EIT also set up an expert group of “Engineering Clinic” to give consultation for people who need for housing remedy and maintenance renovation and rehabilitation.

Presentation The Engineering Institute of Thailand under His Majesty the King’s Patronage